About us - State of the Art

Our company was developed in 1999. We started with only one car on hand to offer to people and now we have a whole fleet of buses, sedan, limousines etc. We look forward to making out clients feel extremely comfortable. The client’s comfort, safety and happiness is everything to us. All of our chauffeurs are well trained, polite, and are extremely caring towards the client’s needs.

1 Sedan
We offer executive sedans that can easily accommodate for passengers. The legroom of the car is six inches longer compared to the standard model. The cars have lavish interiors. It has two extra power points and has controls in the rear too to regulate the music system as well as the temperature.

The cars are designed to accommodate up to seven passengers comfortably with an extra space for the luggage. The cars have leather seats that offer a comfortable journey. The car is equipped with the latest music system with a radio and CD player. The car has controls both in the front and the rear to control the air conditioner as well as the music system.

The vans we offer can easily accommodate up to 14 passengers. However, only 10 passengers can fit comfortably along with the luggage. The seats are comfortable. The van has a removable backseat that can create extra space for the luggage when removed. The vans have cassette player and a radio along with the air conditioner.

4 Limousine
We offer limousines that are designed for six to ten passengers. The limousine epitomizes style. They have a premium bar along with features like privacy dividers and climate control. Fully air conditioned with front and rear controls the car has a TV and a DVD system with a surround sound stereo to give you a lifetime experience.

5 Mini Bus
The mini buses are designed for times when travelling in groups. One can easily fit in around 30 members of the group comfortably along with the luggage. The buses also have an overhead storage space. The doors are hydraulic that are easy to open and close. The seats are also comfortable.

6 Shuttle Bus
When traveling in extremely large group shuttle buses would be a perfect choice. These buses have a capacity of up to 55 passengers along with the luggage. The buses have a stereo with radio and a TV and VHS to make your journey a little entertaining. The buses have an overhead storage space and hydraulic doors.